dimecres, 15 de juny de 2016

Work of music

-My favorite song:

   http://smarturl.it/NoMoney_S                              They call: GALANTIS/ No money.

- It´s in English and I love.
- It has a lot of rhythm.
-And i really like songs in English.
- I and my friend have a very nice and cool dance.

dilluns, 13 de juny de 2016

5 paisos

BRAZIL- It hs bright colors. It has huge beaches and super nice . It has a super decorated and very nice homes. Also it has super friendly inabitants.I meeting in Brazil.

JAPAN- Japan is huge and has lots of huge and beatiful houses. It has very different wais from those of Spain. The people are different clothes to Spain. There are different food having lots of vegies.Have a lot money.

FRANCE- It is a great and beatiful country. You have houses full of flowers or decorated super.It has people very, very, very good. Has vey relaxing very romantic music. I love the Eiffel Tower.                      
AUSTRALIA- Australia is beautiful country. I would love to live in Australia that has very good food what you see in photos.It has very good music. It has many beatiful homes. It has many famous people.

GERMANY- ,Germany is a big country. It is very, very nice. It has many inhabitants. It has a lot of  music. He has very cool clothes.

dilluns, 6 de juny de 2016

my voky

This is my voki
No Imagehttps://www.voki.com/site/myVoki


NOTE 1: Do not forget to change width and height values to your preffered values. NOTE 2: After you saved your cloud please allow about 10 minutes for changes to take effect. After that period of time please clear your browser cache by pressing CTRL+F5 (CMD+R for Safari) on web page where you embedded your cloud. Ok